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Here are some previous Eta Eta events:

Collaborative Program:
Practice Update

March 2014

The Fatigued or
Impaired Provider

October 2013

Nurses in Mission

March 2013

PHAS Puts Patients PHIRST

September 2012

EBP and Nursing Research:
It's the Right Thing to Do

April 2012


Implementation of a
Sepsis Initiative

September 2011


Research to Reality

April 2011

Evidence-Based Practice for the Bedside Nurse

March 2011

EBP and Nursing Research:
The Heart of the Matter

April 2010


Utilizing Simulation Technology

April 2010


Bringing Evidence Based Practice to the Bedside

March 2010


25th Anniversary Celebration
October 2009

EBP and Nursing Research: Bring It to the Bedside
April 2009

Getting to the
Heart of Diabetes

March 2009

EBP and Nursing Research: Possibilities for the RN
(Real Nurse)

April 2008


Issues in Advanced
Practice Nursing -
Four Perspectives

March 2008

Beyond Ourselves:  The Bridge from Improving Practice to Research
April 2007


Boning Up on Osteoporosis Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
March 2007

The Challenges Facing Advanced Practice Nurses in PA and in the Nation
November 2006
Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research
March 2006
Nursing Informatics: Technology & the Nursing Shortage
November 2005

Spirituality in Nursing
March 2005

Traveling the Road to
Nursing Scholarship

April 2004

Anniversary Celebration
April 2000

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