Induction 2010 Induction 2010

Induction 2010

October 24, 2010


Lisa A. Ruth-Sahd, RN, DEd ,CEN, CCRN
Associate Professor
Department of Nursing - York College of Pennsylvania

Connecting to Nursing’s Multiple Ways of Knowing

Undergraduate Student Inductees
Dustin Axe
Lauren Ayres Molly Blevins Jennifer Brady
Emily Busko
Kristen Carroll Amy Donoho Brandi Fickes
Mary Ann Fisher
Rachel Fowler Sara Frazer Kristen Frick
Amanda Gibson
Mandy Hake Kristen Hollenbaugh Hannah Ilgenfritz
Jessica Jones
Mackenzie Kauffman Alyssa Keefer Janine Krantz
Julie Landsman
Heidi McCalister Benjamin McGrann Crystal Meininger
Andrea Nekoranik Danielle Oakes Heidi Patschke Rebecca Rauch
Johnny Raynor Erika Ringler Jaquiline Rogers
Kathleen Rohrbaugh
Melissa Salter Leeann Shanabrough Kyle Waite Kristi Wanamaker

Not pictured: Randi Malinowski, Danielle Ramage

Graduate Student Inductees

Lisa Knisley

Maryalyce McCormick

Michele Taylor


Not pictured: Zahid Khan, Alicia Rogers

Nurse Leader Inductees

Deborah Audette
Carolyn Byers Jiajoyce Conway Marcia Feehan
L. Melissa Maguire Darla Shehy Margaret Marino  
2010 Recipients of Excellence Awards
Excellence in Mentorship New award this year!

The recipient of the Mentorship Award:
-Actively shapes the career of a nurse or the development of a chapter.
-Freely shares his own resources for the development of the individual or chapter.
-Maintains the mentoring relationship over time.

Abigail C. Strouse  
Excellence in Practice Excellence in Research
Beth M. Reiley Linda C. Pugh
Excellence in Education Excellence in Leadership
Norma H. Beyer Astrid R. Davis
2010 Recipients of Chapter Scholarships
Stafford Scholarship New scholarship this year!

The Glenn and Dorothy Stafford Scholarship supports a nurse who seeks answers to clinical questions in an effort to improve his or her practice. The scholarship funds can be used for projects involving nursing research, quality improvement, or evidence based practice.

Melissa A. Schneider (left)
with Valerie Hardy-Sprenkle
Undergraduate Student Graduate Student
Amanda M. Gibson
Etters, PA
December 2010 Graduate of YCP Nursing
Fundraising Chair, YCP SNAP
CNA, Washington County Hospital
Plans to be Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Kari Kinard
York, PA
2004 Graduate of YCP Nursing
Nurse Educator, Telemetry & Cardiac Cath
St. Joseph's Hospital, Towson, MD
Graduate student, Millersville University